Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief And Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief And Treatment

Plantar fasciitis pain relief is something that every sufferer will need at some point.

Even if it is just a small amount of ice or massage, it is almost impossible to put up with the problem without some sort of treatment.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia starts to lose its elasticity and becomes incapable of stretching properly.  The fat pad that covers the fascia may become thin, giving pain in your feet or shocks while walking. Damage may occur due to these shocks, therefore resulting to bruising, tearing and swelling of the plantar fascia.

Some of the most common causes of the condition are the following:

Obesity is considered as a primary reason why individuals experience plantar fasciitis. This is due to the fact that if you are obese and you are less agile and flexible. Due to the excessive weight on your body, you may experience backaches that limit your ability to bend down, thus putting too much pressure on your plantar fascia.

The condition may also occur if you use to stand for long periods of time, as it adds continuous amount of pressure on the heel.

Although there is no enough evidence, experts believe that diabetes condition is another reason why individuals experience the condition, especially the elderly.

Plantar fasciitis pain relief.

plantar fasciitis pain reliefAny pain or disorder related to the plantar fascia should be given immediate medical attention. Over a period of time, it may become difficult to sustain the pain and this can create more problems as you grow older. Then again, the earlier you notice the problem, the easier you can find plantar fasciitis pain relief and the faster you can cure the condition.

Fortunately, there are various pain reliefs and treatments available for this. You can go for natural remedies, such as exercises, along with other therapies for the condition.

Natural treatments for plantar fasciitis.

There are various natural treatments that you can go for in order to deal with the condition. Some of these treatments may include the following:

Stretching Exercises.

To relieve the condition and prevent it from recurring, you need to practice various stretching exercises for your calf muscles, as these exercises can ease the pain and help your recover faster.

These exercises are very simple as well, so you will not have a hard time learning and getting used to them.

Lose Weight.

This is the best remedy you can opt for in case your condition is due to excessive body weight or obesity. Simply follow a healthy diet and engage in various exercise routine, you can easily lose weight and prevent the condition from recurring and help give your own plantar fasciitis pain relief.

Adjustment in your Footwear.

As much as possible, avoid wearing ill-fitted shoes. Opt for supportive shoes with good arch support. Make sure that the heels of your shoes are not too high to reduce the stress on your plantar fascia.

Ice Treatment.

If you are experiencing pain, simply apply an ice pack on the affected foot and keep it there for at least 10 to 12 minutes to numb the pain.


Avoid stretching your feet with continuous physical activities. When feeling tired, allow your feet to rest for at least 10 minutes or so, and keep it elevated to restore the proper flow of blood.

Therapies for treatment and pain relief.

In case none of the suggested natural remedies provide plantar fasciitis pain relief against the condition, you may ask your physician for help and opt for therapies against it. Some of the available plantar fasciitis therapies include the following:

Injection Therapy.

In this therapy, corticosteroid injections are used to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation on the plantar fascia. However, take note that this can only provide temporary relief against the pain.

Physical Therapy.

When you seek for medical advice, your physician might recommend some exercises, as part of physical therapy for the condition.

Orthotic Devices.

If the condition is due to structural abnormalities, a surgeon might suggest that you wear an orthotic device on your shoes to correct the abnormalities.

Remember that regardless whether the pain is light or severe, seeking medical help is necessary for pain relief. This is to get your foot examined and determine the primary cause of the condition and the remedies that can be opted for to relieve the pain and prevent any further damage to your feet.

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