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What causes heel pain in the morning?

Not being able to walk to the bathroom in the morning when you hop out of bed is not only annoying, for those of us that suffer from heel pain, it can be very debilitating! Heel pain that is worse in the morning is a sign of Plantar Fasciitis, an injury to the fascia tissue […]

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How to Tell If You Have a Toenail Melanoma

As you may have read, I have been trying to create a website where I can help people suffering from problems with their feet.  I have Plantar Fasciitis and found that the majority of the information out there was too medical or in language I didn’t understand – so I am trying to put that […]

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How Long Does Plantar Fasciitis Last?

Ever had long days on your feet, where every bit of you aches, but you have a particularly sharp, stabbing pain in your heel that just won’t go away? Before you dismiss this as just another after-effect of your long day, say hello to “plantar fasciitis”. The most common cause of heel pain, plantar fasciitis occurs when […]

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Can Plantar Fasciitis Cause Leg Pain?

Sore heels, painful steps first thing in the morning and agony after standing or walking for too long are very common signs and symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis – but can plantar fasciitis cause leg pain too? Any foot, ankle, walking, running or gait problems can cause leg, back and hip pain and this is the same […]

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Foot Pain From Driving

Foot pain from driving is a very common condition, suffered by both beginner and experienced drivers. However, there are a number of reasons why you might be suffering from this kind of pain, which can make it hard to resolve. There are a few ideas, treatments and techniques that might help reduce the pain and […]

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What Is Plantar Fibroma?

Having a worrying lump is bad enough for anyone to have to deal with. Your immediate thoughts are to think the worst and start researching on Google for the symptoms – which is not a good thing to do! If you have a worrying lump on the bottom of your foot, that you can feel painfully every […]

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Causes Of Heel Pain – Common Reasons For Foot Pain

There are many different causes of heel pain and factors that can lead to problems developing – and not all of them are related to real injuries. We have evolved into a being that walks “heel to toe” planting the heel down first with each step.  You poor heel actually take a real beating, with […]

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Stretches For Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Pain

I am always on the lookout for stretches and exercises that can help relieve my Plantar Fasciitis and painful feet. This lead me to the Mobility Mastery site, where Elisha describes a great way to “trap” the fascia and stretch it, which can help with a wide variety of foot, heel and Achilles problems.? One major […]

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Toe Fracture Causes And Symptoms

A toe fracture is, of course, a break in the bone of the toe. Visiting your doctor for a broken toe is not a must, but it is a good idea since the doctor will show you the best way to immobilize it and recommend some changes you need to make in order to heal […]

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