Foot Pain Treatments

If you have ankle, foot or toe pain, there are many different treatment options available.

These range from simply resting at home, applying ice or heat and possibly wearing a support bandage.  However there are also more medical treatments such as using meds or visiting a podiatrist or doctor.  For some foot pain problems, you may even have to undergo surgery (a last case resort I hope...).

These articles look at the different treatment options available for plantar fasciitis and other general types of foot pain and foot related problems.

Plantar Fasciitis treatment options

plantar fasciitis treatment options

Magnesium is a great mineral to take to help promote health muscle and tendon growth in your body.  It has also been proven to have an effect on people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Our article on this topic looks at why it works and how you can boost your magnesium intake either from eating the right foods, taking supplements or using sprays.

In this article, I go over the main lessons I have learned from living with plantar fasciitis for over 5 years.

Yes, despite my knowledge on the subject I have not been able to cure it 100%, so I have had to make some lifestyle changes to ensure that my foot pain does not get too severe.

This article from Dr Meredith Warner looks at why you can and should possibly say no if you are offered surgery to help treat your plantar fasciitis.

Dr Warner is a podiatrist and has extensive experience in this area, so her advice is worth listening to!

Many people swear by the use of essential oils to help treat a wide variety of problems.

There are some essential oils that have pain relieving properties when massaged into your skin and this article looks at which ones are best for plantar fasciitis and how to use them safely.

This article looks at the main treatments for plantar fasciitis and also the steps you can take to prevent getting it in the first place.  Plantar fascia pain is very common and there are steps you can take to treat the pain, either at home or with a podiatrist.

How long does plantar fasciitis last and what is the expected time to recover?

Of course, it will vary between different people but our article reveals the general TTR (time to recovery) for this painful problem.

The pain you get from having Plantar Fasciitis is something else!  Especially first thing in the morning when you step out of bed and hobble to the bathroom.

What are the best treatment options and what can you do to relieve the pain?  Our article gets to the bottom of some options for reducing pain in your feet and heels.

It is said that simply by doing regular stretching that Plantar Fasciitis can be reduced or even cured.  I agree that when my pains are bad, my calf muscles feel very tight too.

These 7 stretches will help you to keep your muscles and tendons supple and help reduce pain.

General foot pain treatment articles

general foot pain treatment

When dealing with any sort of pain, it is important to treat the whole body, examining the issue in a holistic way.  What you eat can have a massive effect on your overall health and wellbeing, including your feet too.

We look at how having a proper diet will improve your overall health and what it can do to help keep your feet in their best condition.

If you have found that you have lumps under your skin on your feet that are causing pain because they are pressing into your muscles when you walk, you could have Plantar Fibromas.

This common condition can be treated and there are more natural options you can consider rather than opting straight for surgery, which may not be effective anyway.

Do you have wonky, bent or crooked toes?  I suspect you might as they are very common, especially if you have worn tight shoes for any length of time when you were growing up.

But fear not!  There are treatment options available that can help straighten your crooked toes, from simple stretches and exercises to splints and braces, our article looks at the various options available to you.

You might be a runner looking for some exercises to help give you more stability, or you could be a little unsteady on your feet or have weak ankles.

We look at some easy exercises that can help improve the strength in your ankles and power up the muscles in your feet.

Unless you have a healthcare plan, visiting the podiatrist can be expensive!  You might waste the first appointment if you don't know what to expect, what to take with you, what questions to ask or even what the podiatrist will do for you.

Our article aimed at runners looks at what to expect the first time you visit for help with your painful feet.

If you have the kind of job that requires you to be on your feet all day, you are probably no stranger to sore and painful feet.  However, taking the time to stretch, rest and making sure you wear the right footwear can go a long way to reduce any pains.

If you suffer from sore heels when you have been working all day, it can be agony!

Learn how to treat heel pain quickly with our top treatment options.  We also discuss the causes of heel pain which can help you identify and fix the problem before it gets too bad.

Running with either no shoes or a very minimal rubber sole has become quite fashionable, with people trying to emulate African tribes.  But is this a good or bad thing for your feet?  Will it cause more pain and problems long term or is it just a fad?

We examine the facts around running barefoot, what the benefits can be, how you can get started and also what shoes there are available to help you.  But we also look at the downsides and be realistic about if it is a good choice for you.

Pain relief when your feet are throbbing and sore is critical and there are man options you could choose from.  Popping pills may not always be the best answer and there are other treatments you can do at home that will help.

Our article looks at the most popular and most practical ways to relieve any aches and pains in your feet.