Products For Treating Foot Pain

Luckily, for those of us who suffer from painful feet, sore heels, bunions or one of the many other ailments, there are lots of products available to help.

They can be as simple as a gel pad to help reduce heel pain (especially great of you suffer from heel spurs) to shoes that have been designed by Doctors or Podiatrists that are created to give your feet that additional support and comfort.

This section of the Painful Feet website is full of product reviews, lists of the best shoes to help you workout, play tennis or even relax in some slippers, keeping problems like Plantar Fasciitis in mind.

We have researched the best products, read the user reviews for the pros and cons, the tips and tricks and the pitfalls and bum deals so that you don't have to.  Some of the reviews are also based on our own medical research and personal experience.

Shoes, slippers and footwear for painful feet:

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It is quite common that runners or athletes suffer from the dreaded heel pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis.  Nothing can be more annoying than not being able to workout, run or go to the gym when you have this condition.

This article looks at which trainers, sneakers and shoes are best for helping prevent or reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis when you are exercising or working out.

Because tennis players need to have the ability to move quickly and in different directions, this can cause strain to their feet and ankles, sometimes leading to heel pain where the fascia is torn.

This article examines the best shoes for tennis players that either have heel pain and need additional support, or players that want to have the best shoes to prevent it from happening in the first place.

We all have different feet - and i'm not just talking about different sizes too!  Our feet and ankles bend in different ways which causes us to place additional pressure on our feet, roll our ankles or in extreme circumstances, cause us back or hip pain.

Stability shoes help people with overpronation, where the foot rolls to one side causing pain in the foot and ankles.  The footwear will help prevent this from occurring, making you walk and run properly and without injury.

I have always used New Balance as running shoes and they have an excellent range of footwear with great arch support - perfect for those of us who suffer from plantar fasciitis or heel pain.

We look at the top selling shoes from NB where they have the best support and features to reduce foot pains.

Unfortunately, bunions are very common in our modern society Yes... I'm looking at you wearing those high heels!!!

How can you reduce the impact of bunions and which shoes are made to accommodate those annoying lumps?  Our article looks at the top selling shoes for bunions and gives you some suggestions if you are looking to buy.

Flat feet and fallen arches are quite a common problem the world over and it is important to ensure you wear shoes and footwear that offer the best arch support.

We look at the best walking shoes, hiking boots and rugged boots that offer great arch and heel support.

PTTD or Post Tibial Tendonitis Disorder is a painful condition affecting the feet and ankles.  As with most other foot problems, wearing the right shoes is very important and this article highlights the top selling shoes that offer PTTD relief.

Many people just try to ignore their heel pain and hope it goes away.  However, it is more likely that it is their shoes and choice of footwear that are the cause of the problem.

There are some "golden rules" for choosing shoes that can help reduce heel pain and this article advises what you need to look out for when shopping and also provides a list of shoes that are designed to be great for painful foot problems.

Once you have a foot problem, ideally you need to have footwear that gives you the right support where you need it most - and that goes for flip-flops too!  Just because you are on the beach, it doesn't mean you are free from your arch pain 🙁

In this article, we look at the best flip-flops that have built in arch support to provide extra comfort either around the home or on holiday.

Similar to the article about Flip Flops, if you wear house-shoes or slippers when you are at home, it is still important that you buy a pair that has good arch support.

It is easy for any progress to be undone by not wearing supporting footwear all the time, so treat yourself to a quality pair.

If you are a waitress or a nurse, you know that having good footwear can be one of the most important things to have to make your day go well.  Standing for long periods of time or being on your feet all day can be hell for sufferers of plantar fasciitis, so having good supportive shoes is imperative if you are to make it through your shift.

We look at what key things you need to consider when buying work shoes and also have some great suggestions based on the best selling shoes online.

Socks, Night Splints and Orthotics:

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If you don't want to buy a new pair of shoes, there are other options available to you.  Using an arch support insert in your shoe will help protect the plantar fascia tendon on the sole of your foot and help prevent further damage.

We look at the most popular products available and investigate if they are a good investment or a waste of money.

If you have plantar fasciitis, supporting the arch area of your foot is important (but not the only thing you need to be looking at).  Enter the foot arch brace, a product that is designed to pull in your arch and help keep foot pain at bay.

But do they work?  What are the best products to buy and are they for you?  Our article looks into the pros and cons of using an arch brace.

If you visit a Podiatrist for your plantar fasciitis, it is likely that you will be advised to buy some orthotics to put in your shoes to provide additional support and to correct any foot alignment problems.

However, these can be expensive and may not be any better than those that you can buy from your local stores.  So, what do plantar fasciitis orthotics do, are they worth it and what benefits will you see from using them?  Our article provides a buyers guide and lists our choice of the best orthotics you can buy today.

By stretching your plantar fascia tendon overnight, you may avoid the dreaded foot and heel pain in the mornings.  A night splint is designed to help you achieve this and this article gives you information about these unique products and how they can help you with your foot pain.

Using a night splint to treat plantar fasciitis is another common product that a podiatrist or doctor may recommend and yes, in my experience, they do work.

There are a few different kinds available and our article helps guide you to buying the right one for you.

This sock is similar to a night splint, but can be more comfortable and easier to use, which is why it is one of the more popular products to help treat plantar fasciitis.

We look at how the Strassburg sock works, how it can benefit you and tell you where to buy it for a great price.

Other products that can help different foot problems:

other products to help foot pain

You may have painful heels, blisters or bunions, but it is important to look after your feet in a holistic way, treating them well, all the time.

Using gel toe stretchers can be a great massage for your feet and toes and works wonders to help relieve tension and give them a stretch in a way that you may not be able to do on your own.

We look at the most popular products available and let you know how to use them properly to give your toes some attention for a change.

Diabetics need to take extra care with their feet.  The loss of nerve feeling due to Neuropathy can lead to injuries not being addressed quickly and infection can occur easily.

To reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended that diabetics regularly care for their feet (and legs) through the use of creams.  We look at the best selling creams on the market today to help you care for your feet.

Having wonky or crooked toes is quite common all over the world (mainly caused by bad shoes mind you...) and there are products available that claim they can help straighten out any issues.

In this article, we look at toe straighteners and if they are really worth using, do they work and which ones are the best to buy?

If someone came to me saying they had plantar fasciitis, the one immediate thing they can do to help is to regularly stretch their calf muscles.  This can be done against a wall or on the stairs, but there are some great products like the One Stretch device that are designed to help you do these stretches effectively and safely.

We have reviewed the One Stretch to let you know if this is a product that can help your foot pain.

Having dry and rough skin on your feet and heels is quite common, however the cracks can be quite unsightly and sometimes sore too.

We look at the best creams and lotions to help moisturise your skin and repair those cracks for good.

Similar to the One Stretch, the ProStretch Rocker is a great product that has been designed to help you safely stretch your calf muscles.

These stretches are very effective at reducing plantar fasciitis pain and are easy to do - the ProStretch makes them even easier!  Read our review to find out more.