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Just over 2 years ago, my feet ached with every step.

They hurt when I stepped out of bed after I had been walking and even after I had been sitting!

I remember walking fast, trying to keep up with my 2 kids who were out-pacing me on their scooters when we were at the local park.

Every step felt like I was walking on broken glass and in the end, I had to call them back so I could rest.

I just thought I was getting old, but little did I know, I had a disorder that was not going to get better on its own.

Being a typical British man, I just tried to “Get on with it” (stiff upper lip, and all that).  I adjusted the way I walked and tried tying my shoelaces tighter.

It didn’t work though and my painful feet just got worse and worse until I made a snap decision to find a podiatrist.

I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and after having my feet checked with a 3d scanner, a pair of expensive orthotics made from leather and carbon fiber were ordered.

But they didn’t make much difference.

I was still in agony on a daily basis.

Yes, I still run.

As you can see from that dashing picture of me above completing another Saturday morning park run, I am a runner with a local club called Redway Runners.

I had run before I started having foot pain and got up to completing a 5k, but had not done much since my plantar fasciitis hit.

I didn’t do anything to cause it – it just started to hurt when I was walking, and then, it started to really hurt all the time!

I work in IT and have a desk job where I sit for up to 7 hours a day, staring at a screen.

I found that sitting for long periods was just as problematic as walking or standing.

So what could I do to remedy the sitting?  Yes!  Running :/

My wife joined a beginners running class with the Redway Runners and signed me up too.  I was hesitant that I would not be able to run again and there were definitely times when I was in agony for days after starting again.

I remember being late for dropping my kids at school and getting to the office.  We were rushing out of the house to get to the car and I struggled to even walk, let alone run.

Early morning foot pain is hell for people with plantar fasciitis.

However, despite seeing a podiatrist, I was able to find some good information online that I should stretch regularly (which I was doing at the end of each beginners group run anyway) and ice and rest my feet as much as possible.

It also seemed that the more I ran, the better feet felt, providing I followed my regime and was sensible.

Information on the web is not great..

When I was trying to find information to help with my bad feet, I felt that lots of the information out there on the web about Plantar Fasciitis are quite “medical” and “technical”.

I am hoping that my site will hope to explain things in more simple terms for sufferers of painful feet all over the world.

I am not limiting myself to Plantar Fasciitis though, I want to help as much as possible with any sort of foot pain problems.

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